Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Finding Our Way to the Other Side

We already know we can’t go back to what was, the failed state of America and our world. Let’s call it “normal” for now, knowing it was never optimal for very many.

A Short List of Silver Linings

We’re already moving toward the new. And the pandemic is serving as the chrysalis to allow us to emerge into this new world. This crisis has provided an optimal, if not perfect, metamorphic container in which to stew our juices and emerge as the wholly new species that we need to be to inhabit the planet differently.

We’re Experiencing an Unprecedented Evolution of Consciousness

The pandemic itself has created the perfect opportunity for a rapid evolution of consciousness. In fact, if you’re paying attention to the global narrative like I am, it seems that our level of consciousness (defined by a rigorous scientific framework, explained here) has shifted from one stage to the next in the matter of a few months, nearly miraculous and unprecedented.

About the Author

Dr. Holly Woods is the Author of a recent #1 Bestseller in 7 categories, The Golden Thread: Where to Find Purpose in the Stages of Your Life. This book will dispel any notion that your life doesn’t matter.

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