Surprised by Synchronicity? Marveled by Magic?

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You know this year has been a doozy.

Who could’ve possibly imagined what we’ve been called to endure?

We’ve been pushed to the brink of disbelief.

And yet, what if I told you that the entire experience we’ve been asked to endure as humans is totally designed to rock our world, shake our core beliefs and stretch our conception of what’s possible…

… solely so we can be prepared to imagine a different way. A different future.

But it’s not about what’s out there, in the external world.

It’s what’s possible inside of us.

What’s possible in you.

The Mere Possibility

What if there’s a way you can learn to be in the world that almost automatically calls on the most granular particles of possibility to naturally bring you exactly what you desire?

Would you choose that?

Versus the way you now instinctively know that most things are going to hell in a handbasket.

The way you believe that you’re probably going to get screwed in the near future.

The way it’s reported in the media that everything is spiraling downward.

What if you could imagine a new way that looks like magic? That calls forth the synchronicity that would propel your life forward into joy, meaning and purpose?

And to have resilience for your future.

And possibly create a different future for all of us. Yep, all of us here on planet Earth.

Would you choose that?

Resonance is a Fact

When waves come together, they create form. It’s a natural law of physics.

You may have heard of the famous ‘double slit’ experiment in physics which demonstrated, with unparalleled strangeness, that little particles of matter are actually waves. And that the very act of someone observing a particle, through the double slits, had a dramatic effect on the behavior of the wave.

This notion of waves being affected by how we see them, or imagine them, is extended to the whole world around you.

Exactly how you resonate — both in terms of the energy you’re capable of taking in and the energy you exude through your actions — is shaped both by your personal stress level, trauma, the perception of your life experience and by the energy of the world around you.

And those factors conditioning your resonance are mostly unconscious. They can either muffle the waves you emit (your resonance), like a bell would sound if you stuffed it with a rag. Or they can intensify the waves you emit, as if you suddenly plugged the bell into an electric amplifier.

As you learn to make conscious the limits to energy you emit, and choose how to ring your bell, or not, the waves you emit become more sensitive and effective.

And when we live into the conscious notion of resonance, all kinds of magical and synchronistic things can happen.

Just like the pipes in an organ move the particles within you, creating vibrations that you sense and feel, those waves of particles happen all around you during every moment of every day.

If that radiant energy can be used to create the sound emitted from an organ, those quantum particles can also be used to shift your moods, your neural pathways, your physiology, and all parts of your life.

And can also affect the entire world around you.

What you think, believe and hold to be true co-creates the resonant energy that actualizes everything exactly as you experience it.

What You Imagine is What You Invite

You have the option to create that muffled bell sound, or to liberate your most creative amplified note to the world.

Just through your imagination, as you learn to vibrate with what comes natural to you.

What you believe, desire, long for and know to be true affects your entire experience in life.

This isn’t a secret. A hidden gem. Or black magic.

It’s quantum physics. The String Theory as part of the Unified Field, to be exact. A dynamic process of the flex and flow of the universe.

I often say that if you were in a tug of war with the Universe, you’d win.

You have access to this superpower-like untapped potential in every hour of every day.

Who could you be if you chose to tap into a version of your life, a parallel universe, that filled your life with joy, meaning and purpose?

And could cause you to move past the blocks, come out of hiding and dare to be seen?

Truly, what you imagine is possible, what you believe to be true in your own life and the world, will draw those energies to you to experience.

Whether you’re enthused or anxious, excited or apathetic, motivated or discouraged about your own life and the world around you…

…that’s what you’ll get.

Be the Wavicle

It’s time to get access to this power.

The potential of what’s really possible for you in this universal energy.

As you become a better tuned antennae of your fundamental essential energy…

…. as you vibrate naturally with the energy that is always available to you….

…and work with the part of the universe that resonates with your exact instrument- your purposeful and authentic self…

… and feed back that exact value into the field….

…. anything that you long for, believe in, and desire, can happen.

You can create a different resonance. A different possibility. A different future.

What’s Next?

We are the solution. Ring that bell like it matters.

About the Author

Dr. Holly Woods is the Author of the #1 Bestseller, The Golden Thread: Where to Find Purpose in the Stages of Your Life. Read it, you’ll never again think your life doesn’t matter.

Holly is a purpose activator and catalyst. She believes that touching the spark of your soul lights you up so much that you alter the world just by being in it.

She is the creator/ innovator and dreamer behind the Purpose Flywheel™. She’s spent her life imagining a world where we could become who we’re meant to be so our purposeful gifts can be a nuanced puzzle piece for our puzzling world.

Learn about Holly’s work at Emergence Institute.



I activate and catalyze awakening visionaries to bring their world-changing innovations to the world, rooted in soul purpose, for more meaning, joy and impact.

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Holly Woods

I activate and catalyze awakening visionaries to bring their world-changing innovations to the world, rooted in soul purpose, for more meaning, joy and impact.