Here’s Your Chance to Ditch the Doubt and Make a Difference.

You have dreams. Secret, big ones. You know there’s a rendition of you that’s way more remarkable than this.

And OMG the voices that get in the way of that.

Today it’s the fear that you’re not quite good enough or ready enough. Yesterday you didn’t have the right experience, training or money to get it. Tomorrow it will be all the stuff you need to do that gets in the way.

The stress and status quo of your current life keeps you all knotted up in homeostasis.

Maybe you’re not even sure what the next step is, much less how to get from here to there.

Whatever your reason (or excuse)….discouraging dead-end, disillusioning dream job, investment gone awry, scraping by start-up…

… yea, we’ve all had em.

Guess who failed BIG TIME before they succeeded? Here’s just a few:

  • Walt Disney (fired as an unimaginative reporter before building Disney dynasty)
  • Thomas Edison (took 10K+ trials to invent the light bulb)
  • Madonna (fired from a diner prior to selling 300M records)
  • Fred Smith (founder of FedEx, told his company idea wasn’t feasible)
  • Steve Jobs (fired from Apple before returning to lead the monolith)
  • Oprah Winfrey (fired as a news reporter before running her $2.7B show)
  • Steve Spielberg (rejected 3 times by film school before directing Jaws)
  • J.K. Rowling (fired as a secretary before writing Harry Potter)
  • Lady Gaga (dropped from a music label before releasing The Fame)
  • Jerry Seinfeld (fired from a sitcom before the lengthy Seinfeld run)
  • etc etc…

I know, you’ve seen that list AND you get the drift.

The point is, EVERYBODY fails and wants to quit. It’s hard to be extraordinary when things don’t go your way.

You may be tired, disillusioned, road-weary or too timid to take risks. Or maybe you’re taking risks but they’re not lining up with your expectations.

But right now, there’s a lot on the line, and more of us need to be taking risks that are aligned with our unique version of remarkable.

Being out there in a bigger way — more me, exposed and afraid of failing… is the hardest damn thing I ever do because I am the fulcrum of my experience. Whichever way it goes- it’s all me.

And that’s where the magic lies.

ALL YOU means your soul and spirit are on the line. When you’re fully in… you really can’t fail. It’s not possible. You become extraordinary, WAY more than you think you are.

You create your reality.

With every thought that floats through your head. Every word you utter. Every ounce of faith or disbelief that rests in your weary bones.

It’s time to harness that. To move to your next stage.

We know how to master the insecurity, the fear and doubt, the sense of confusion and lack of focus, the lack of faith, the fear of the unknown.

We can do this. We have the skills, the know-how, the technology and the courage (well, that we can muster).

I’ve clawed my way here to figure out how to do this for myself, and for you. Most steps were exciting and scary all at the same time, NEVER dull, and I did it because it was my job this time around. My purpose. And I made it. And I’m ready to help you create a reality that WORKS for you to step into your purposeful future.

Because the world needs your unique version of remarkable.

Let’s Make a Damn Difference. Now.

It’s time to do this. You know it, I know it. We need to pull on our Big Girl/Boy pants and break through whatever limitations we have.

Join me.

I’m offering the maiden voyage of a 4-month virtual NextStage Masterclass & Community to take you to the edge of your limits and break through, with like-minded peers … because it’s time to uplevel our work and life, collectively. Now.

Because this is the first time this Masterclass will be offered … it’s a doozy of a discounted price and a sweet deal with 1:1 coaching. And, the first 5 people to register will get an extra Coaching session. This won’t happen again.

You’re the first to know. Join me.

Together, we got this.

It’s time to do this differently. Are you in?

Learn more about the NextStage Masterclass & Community here.

And if it’s not you… please forward or share this with people you know who are ready to move to their next stage. To get out of their dull and step into their remarkable. Maybe give em a kick in the butt and do it together. It’ll be fun. I promise.


Dr. Holly Woods is a transformational consultant, coach and mentor who’s been guiding people from all over the globe into purposeful lives for 35 years.

She’s built and scaled multiple businesses and brings a rigorous academic background of product development and systems design. As an executive and consultant she’s created or reorganized infrastructure for dozens of businesses, streamlining product development and delivery to scale and maximize meaning and profits.

With her background as a Human Development scientist and Master Integral Coach, Holly can help you see your blindspots that keep you from life, career or business success, the roadblocks that prevent you from reaching your goals and create a life and career aligned with what matters so you can have a thriving business, a life you love and make an impact on the planet.

Download Holly’s free 10 Sure Strategies to Live into Your SuperPowers to take steps into your inconceivable and epic life!



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