• Katharine Wismer

    Katharine Wismer

  • Joan O'Donnell

    Joan O'Donnell

    Doctoral researcher, lecturer, living and learning in systems. Advanced Social Presencing Practitioner, Editor: https://medium.com/living-in-systems

  • Harry Armytage

    Harry Armytage

  • Tiffany Joy Basse

    Tiffany Joy Basse

    Co-CEO of Mindrise, a technology platform for well-being experts to create and market their wellness offerings via live video, apps and virtual classrooms.

  • Laurie Baker

    Laurie Baker

  • Adam Gilad

    Adam Gilad

    Stanford Humanities Center Graduate Research Fellow Emmy-Nominated Producer and Writer, Cofounder: The BoldLifeBrotherhood.com; Facebook — The Bold Life Tribe

  • Marla Frees

    Marla Frees

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