Remember when, 6 months into the pandemic and you were already Zoom-fried, bored of Netflix and bouncing back from the initial binge phase, you swore that if we ever made it out of the pandemic you’d do things differently?

You’d want more out of life. You’d give more to life. You’d want more meaning. More focus and purpose.

Well, that time is now.

Is it too unreasonable to suggest that you can actually have that life?

Unreasonable is Relative

I often heard in childhood that I was an “unreasonable” girl.

From well-intending people, mind you, who didn’t want the dreams of my childhood…

Stick ‘n stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me.

So went the taunts on childhood playgrounds as we all endured the plague of bullies or mean girls.

Have you ever wondered why words may actually be worse than sticks or stones?

I’ve had a fascination with words since I was a child.

In preparation for a spelling bee in middle school, my English teacher had us scour the dictionary each week to choose an interesting word to explore (perhaps I’m giving her more credit than due with the whole exploration theme…).

I usually won spelling bees…

Have you ever been daunted by a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle, and then suddenly realized you held the last piece?

Remember that simple self-satisfaction and joy (and relief) as you placed that last piece into the puzzle and stared at the accomplishment of fitting all those multi-colored and oddly-shapen pieces together?

Wondering how you ever figured out the complex arrangement of pieces?

But you did.

You painstakingly put them all together, one by one, noticing the precision of the colors and shapes that masterfully complemented each other to create the image on the puzzle box.

What’s the Shape of Your Piece?

What if we as humans were…

What if you knew that everything boiled down to one thing?

The Power of One Small Word.


Who could imagine you could change the world with such a small declaration?

Rosa Parks did.

Gandhi did.

Martin Luther King did.

Or the many millions of others in our documented history who have stood up for what they believed in and declared #EnoughIsEnough.

No. More.

Whatever your primary belief about the power you wield in your own life, you’ve likely witnessed how mass conviction can change the world.

One small word at a time. One small victory at a time.

Whether it’s…

During the past year, you may have had several pivotal moments when you realized you’d had quite enough.

This should’ve been the year of the #EnoughIsEnough hashtag.

This Times article suggests that most of us have hit a wall of burnout and exhaustion. I certainly have my days that require a few extra practices to get me back to center.

And yet, as in all of life, the trials and tragedies of this past year served to awaken us to the already unthinkable horrors of the world around us.

We became like Zoom animals, looking out our cages through the…

I remember a distinct phase of my career when I thought “wow, I’ve made it!” while at the same time feeling the horror of “what the hell am I doing here?”

It was my first taste of discerning what purpose felt like. I should’ve felt proud and satisfied with my position and direction, yet instead I had this inexplicable anxiety and discomfort.

I’d had 5 years of rigorous scientific training even before completing my Master’s, working with a handful of notable investigators on various research topics at a private public health research firm. …

Purpose is such a misunderstood concept and word. It can be construed as anything from a passion, project or job, an emotion or hobby, or that which speaks of the life force within.

What if purpose is truly that which is most alive in us? That wants to be unleashed, birthed, and spewed forth to liberate the essential beingness that we are?

What if it really is that simple?

And, ultimately, what if that simple construct of being alive in our own skin could be the remedy most needed on the planet now?

The Laws of Nature

I loved camping with my family as…

If you’ve been trying to live that more meaningful life that many folks have started to realize is way more useful than living just for money….

… well, you might be finding that somewhat difficult.

There are so many reasons that expressing your unique purpose is challenging, especially now.

One of those reasons is that:

You probably don’t have clarity about who you really are.

You know, that nuanced one-of-a-kind (actually 1 in 400 quadrillion) version of you that’s distinct from every other person on the planet.

People tell me all the time that they know their purpose.

I ask them to tell me what they know.

They say things…

If you watched or heard any part of the U.S. Inauguration of President Joe Biden yesterday, you likely heard Biden and others (National Youth Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman- wasn’t she awesome?) talk about one thing.


Who we choose to be has everything to do with who we will become.

Regardless of your country of origin or where you now reside, we choose the words, behaviors and actions that represent our values:

Do we choose healing or hatred?

Democracy or divisiveness?

Justice or racism?

Unity or lawlessness?

These are not new questions. They are the persistent questions of our time as…

“Purpose almost never lies behind the doors marked, “Be Practical,” “Get Real,” or “Nothing to Fear.” The Universe, aka Mike Dooley

Just because you’re living a purpose-directed life doesn’t mean that you always know what’s next or where you’re going.

I learned a while back, in my slightly-nomadic evolutionary life, that living on purpose isn’t a path that someone would choose if they were looking for traditional success. Not that you can’t have it all, but you don’t go looking in the usual places for the kinds of internal joy and external impact that arise from a life of purpose.

On the Road Again

Holly Woods

I help Inspired Entrepreneurs bring their Purposeful Visions to life so they can love their life, work, and impact the planet.

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