This post about death and living is a tribute to my friend Terry Patten, who passed on October 30, 2021. I’ll miss his human form, though his spirit remains with me and a world that loved him.

Grief is a most potent activator.

For the second time in a decade…

After the extended lockdown and the greatest perceived repression of individual freedoms since the U.S. began…

… we’ve now entered the phase of the Great Resignation (or the Great Relocation, depending on what you’re reading.)

What I’d more accurately term the Great Re-definition or Reinvention, perhaps.

We are no longer…

You Don’t Have to Have All the Answers

Or ANY of them, really.

Remember when you were little and adults told you that life was supposed to go this way but you had a spidey-sense that it was really supposed to go another…. and when you followed that gut instinct things turned out like they should have?


Have you ever been daunted by a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle, and then suddenly realized you held the last piece?

Remember that simple self-satisfaction and joy (and relief) as you placed that last piece into the puzzle and stared at the accomplishment of fitting all those multi-colored and oddly-shapen pieces together?

Holly Woods

I help Inspired Entrepreneurs bring their Purposeful Visions to life so they can love their life, work, and impact the planet.

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